We rich as Kanye

The cliché-ness of this post makes me a little queasy. But I gotta say it. 12 months ago, a giant pain in my arse moved in with me. My fiancé and father of my children. Sounds misleading I guess. Of course we were living together before this. But he worked away, for at least 6 months […]

I don’t love your thermomix…

!!WARNING!! THE FOLLOWING POST FEATURES EXPLICIT LANGUAGE The. Fucken. Thermomix. Really? Yeah, ok, they seem super handy and wanky. But you have no excuse for plastering their shit all over my social media. I just received my mums 10 year old bread maker, and baked my first loaf. I’m pretty excited. So I instagrammed a […]


Imagine if we all took a step back. Back from the computer screen, back from the T.V, back from our devices, back from the newspaper. And back from books of scripture. Your Bibles, your Qurans… Forget the information you’ve received. Forget the colour of your skin. Forget the colour of theirs. Forget my t-shirt. Forget […]

The life of a shit human being.

Despite what you may think, I’m a shit human. Half arsed. Unmotivated. Lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m good at things, and really good at other things. But it all kinda counts for nothing if you don’t pursue dreams, develop talents or complete goals. And it’s a shitful, shitful abyss to wander through […]

And in the beginning…

We were on a mountain. Remember? Of course you do. We always will. The sun had risen and met with a crisp morning. We were alone. It wasn’t summer or spring, or winter or autumn, it was just, perfect. It was unplanned.  It was a little way away and we’d eaten banana bread for breakfast. […]

Le Pretty Baby Shower

I’ve seen quite a few pins lately entitled ‘How to throw a baby shower that doesn’t suck’. Well, they may not have sucked, but they also didn’t quite seem like actual baby showers to me. My idea of a baby shower is a beautiful day, flowers, gifts and friends, delicious food and memorable moments. Inviting dads to a […]

Oh! The places you’ll go!

I feel like I’m being trained for something. What, I can’t say for sure. But why else would life be throwing me all these bizarre experiences? My home town flooded over the weekend. I was stuck here, in my house, with escape limited to my neighbours soggy yards, each side of mine. There was a […]